GoFundMe for Stella’s Family

GoFundMe campaign for Stella's FamilyOn January 5th, 2018 Laura and Tom Majewski had a devastating house fire. While no humans were home when the fire occurred, their sweet dog Stella perished in the fire.

Half of their home was destroyed by the fire itself and the other half was destroyed by smoke and water damage. They will need to replace everything they can and cope with the loss of all the irreplaceable thing such as Stella and several family items.

The Majewski’s have two small children and also host two exchange students. Although insurance is helping, to be able replace all their belongings and to find a home in the same area to rent that is big enough to rent will be a substantial financial burden.

It is important for them to stay in the area so their kids and their students don’t have to endure any more disruptions in their lives such as switching schools and daycares. They plan to rebuild but have been told it will be months before they could possibly return home.

While they rebuild their lives and continue to grieve for Stella and their family home, you can help by donating to their GoFundMe campaign.

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